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Demo Gallery

AR Invoice Follow-up 

Get a demonstration to learn of how Signedeal is used in an Accounts Receivable invoice follow up process which will dramatically help you improve your DSO and ADD metrics, significantly incrementing the value of the working capital for your organization!


In this sequence we will demonstrate how our unique technology is able to automatically negotiate each of your invoices thereby inviting your customers to make timely payments.

Churn - Subscription 

Get By proactively renegotiating subscription plans that are at risk of cancellation, Signedeal will improve your company's churn rate, increase your MRR, and boost financial performance! Join us and learn more about this amazing use case!

Microcredit Negotiation

When you think about conducting a micro-credit negotiation, typically this will culminate with a transaction for a relatively small amount of money, which is exactly why these kinds of negotiations are so challenging.  Consider that the people cost involved in the human-driven negotiation process will likely end up being more expensive than the deal value itself.


This is why we’re excited to introduce this new amazing use case whereby Signedeal automates the end-to-end process of micro-credit negotiations, which in turn enables financial institutions to massively engage their customers ensuring a cost-effective and reliably high conversion rate.

Flight Rescheduling

Flight rescheduling could be a nightmare for many airlines, especially as we enter a post-pandemic era. 


See this short video on how Signedeal can automate and streamline what can be a very lengthy and exhausting experience while avoiding having passengers wait in extended call center queues, and improving the experience dramatically for everyone.

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