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Signedeal is trailblazing the Negotiation Process Automation (NPA) space

by offering a fully automated negotiation system capable of sustaining massive negotiation threads based on a Pre-defined Negotiation Template.


 From the initial contact to the negotiation of different deal options, up to the final e-signature of the contract, Signedeal will contact the end user/customer through different communication channels.  These include Signedeal's Customer Centric Portal (CCP), Multilingual IVR, SMS text messages, e-mail and others.


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Esteban Berenstein

Co-Founder and CEO 

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Martha Bayter

Co-Founder and CFO

Our Mission

Signedeal is a catalyst for all organizations to find finance efficiency, opportunities, and new businesses.

Our Promise

We deliver an optimal product, experiences, for the passionate about finance efficiency.

Our Essence

At our core, Signedeal operates on a customer-centric approach, impact, and flexibility.


  • Aug. 2020
Signedeal  is Founded


The first Negotiation Process Automation Company

  • Apr. 2021
Global Commercial Agreement


Signedeal and Celonis global commercial agreement

  • Apr. 2021
Funding Round


1st Pre-Seed Round

  • May. 2021
ATB Launching

Signedeal launches Automated Tactical Buying 

  • Jul. 2021
Funding Round

2nd Pre-Seed Round

  • Aug. 2021
NPA Launching

Signedeal launches Negotiation Process Automation

  • Apr. 2022
REO Launching

Signedeal launches Retail Experience Optimizer

Explore the new product "Retail Experience Optimizer"