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Air Transportation 
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Revolutionize your airline and airport operations with Signedeal. 

Then Vs Now

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Optimize the passenger experience in the airline and airport industry with Signedeal. Our platform is specifically designed to handle flight cancellations, reschedules, and overselling scenarios. With Signedeal, you can effectively manage and communicate changes to passengers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Real-time updates and notifications keep passengers informed about disruptions, allowing them to make alternative arrangements or conveniently rebook their flights. Our advanced features enable you to easily handle overselling situations, providing options for voluntary passenger re-accommodation and compensation negotiation. Signedeal helps you navigate these challenges by leveraging automation and data-driven insights while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Join us and revolutionize your airline and airport operations with Signedeal. Experience the power of streamlined communications, efficient overselling management, personalized business class upgrades, and engaging miles promotions. Delight your passengers, boost customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive aviation industry with Signedeal's comprehensive suite of tools and features.

Air Transportation
Use Cases

  • Flight cancelations / Flight reschedules 

  • Oversell and Voluntarily Giving Up

  • Business Class Upgrade Negotiation

  • Miles Promotions


Flight Rescheduling

Flight rescheduling could be a nightmare for many airlines, especially as we enter a post-pandemic era. 


See this short video on how Signedeal can automate and streamline what can be a very lengthy and exhausting experience while avoiding having passengers wait in extended call center queues, and improving the experience dramatically for everyone.

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