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Negotiation Process Automation

Execute high-volume micro-negotiations in a scalable and cost-effective way

Negotiation Process Automation

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Elevate your business negotiations to new heights with Signedeal. Our platform revolutionizes the way you engage with prospects and close deals, bringing automation and efficiency to the forefront. Seamlessly execute high volume micro-negotiations, saving time and resources while maximizing your revenue potential. With real-time analytics and data-driven insights, you gain a deeper understanding of your negotiation processes, enabling strategic decision making. Unlock the power of Signedeal for your business negotiations and experience streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and higher success rates.

Negotiate Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders, Shipments, and more for your Enterprise Processes like P2P, AP, AR, and O2C. 


Amend your existing contracts with internal and external stakeholders as the business requires. 


Integrate Signedeal with your back-end platforms like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more, to negotiate any type of document on demand.  


Change existing conditions based on your business variables.

Automated Tactical Buying


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Turn an incredibly manual process into an automated auction that quickly and easily delivers a signed contract for a purchase where there is no strategic supplier.
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