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Experience Optimizer

Engage in live real-time interactions with your customers

Airlines & Airports
Experience Optimizer

Revolutionize your airline and airport operations with Signedeal. 

Then Vs Now

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Optimize the passenger experience in the airline and airport industry with Signedeal. Our platform is specifically designed to handle flight cancellations, reschedules, and overselling scenarios. With Signedeal, you can effectively manage and communicate changes to passengers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Real-time updates and notifications keep passengers informed about disruptions, allowing them to make alternative arrangements or conveniently rebook their flights. Our advanced features enable you to easily handle overselling situations, providing options for voluntary passenger re-accommodation and compensation negotiation. Signedeal helps you navigate these challenges by leveraging automation and data-driven insights while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Join us and revolutionize your airline and airport operations with Signedeal. Experience the power of streamlined communications, efficient overselling management, personalized business class upgrades, and engaging miles promotions. Delight your passengers, boost customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive aviation industry with Signedeal's comprehensive suite of tools and features.

Hotel Experience Optimizer

Hotel Experience Optimizer helps hotels to improve their customer experience by engaging them in live real-time interactions, aimed to assist and maximize the use of amenities. 

Elevate the guest experience at your hotel with Signedeal. Our platform empowers you to enhance amenity utilization and deliver exceptional personalized experiences. Engage with guests seamlessly through various communication channels, gathering valuable feedback and understanding their preferences. With automation and real-time analytics, you can optimize guest interactions, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of guest satisfaction. From personalized offers to tailored services, Signedeal enables you to create unforgettable experiences that keep guests coming back. Join us and revolutionize your hotel's guest experience with the power of Signedeal.

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In-Store Experience Manager

Retail Experience Optimizer

In-Store Experience Manager. Engage in live real-time interactions with your customers as they shop
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Signedeal offers retail stores the unique ability to open a communications channel with their customers while they are in the store.
This allows you to communicate in real-time, guaranteeing a significant increase in store profits and generating many net new customer sales immediately.  All without having to download any apps and using our proprietary technology.
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