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A fully automated
engagement platform

Imagine if you could have access to all the most popular communication channels on a single easy-to-use platform. With Signedeal, now you can! By leveraging modern best-in-class technology, you can simply build and execute your engagement strategy and unlock the power that comes with automating multi-channel customer interactions.


Engage, interact, and convert prospects to customers. Significantly increase topline revenue.

Use Signedeal for

Execute high volume micro-negotiations cost effectively.

Microcredit negotiation, interest rates, revolving credit.

Improve amenity use and enhance guest experience.

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10x more effective than standard email campaigns.

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A platform designed with final user and efficiency in mind

Give your organization the opportunity to turn detected business opportunities into real deals

Cloud technology at its EDGE

Signedeal is on top of the most flexible cloud architecture ever seen for every organization size

Agreement is everything

Discover your stakeholder's preferences and tune your interactions with them with signedeal

Our Customers

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Start using Signedeal today

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